Meet the Evil Team

Are we Evil?

Yes we are



Jack Mangan

Script, Writer, Project Runner, Chief Complainer

Jack Mangan is an author, podcaster, musician, father, etc., born in New Jersey, but now residing in Arizona. His novel, “Spherical Tomi”, was among the first wave of podcast fiction releases, and was the first number one title at His fiction and non-fiction writings have appeared in numerous online, print, and podcast venues, including such prestigious outlets as Michael A. Stackpole’s Chain Story, Tales from the Ministry, Interzone Magazine, Podthology: The Pod Complex, Theme and Variations, 2020 Visions, and Tales of the Talisman – – in addition to independently-produced audio productions of his work at Wander Radio, Variant Frequencies, and Beam Me Up. More info about Jack Mangan and his work at:

           James F. Beveridge

                 Cover Artist Extraordinaire



I was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and have been drawing for most of my life. I started selling Fantasy Art to buds in Elementary and on through my High School summer employment doing portraits and caricatures to freelancing airbrush/illustrative work.
In the fall of ’77 I migrated to Edmonton, Alberta and set about making a niche for myself here.
I’ve found some creative freedom here. Having lived in the cacophonic cauldron of Toronto, the life here is so much more enjoyable. From the nightlife to the nature – it’s got it all!
Came here ostensibly to just paint some murals but ended up freelancing in a variety of media and genres for various businesses and promotional enterprises. I’m quite enjoying what I get to do and can’t really see any other career I’d trade for this one.

 Kyle Burles

 Artist, Colorist, Letterer, Dog Skritcher


I’m a professional illustrator from / in Calgary Alberta Canada.
I’ve spent 30 years working in 2 careers, Barbering and Illustration. Several years ago I made the move to making illustration my primary job.

My skills in illustration are varied. both traditional and digital. I have worked with a largely varied client base, from advertising agencies to comic books. Two of my illustrations have recently been published in the New York Times and Politico.

I was born and raised in Calgary Alberta, I have a likely unhealthy addiction to caffeine and low budget crime movies of the seventies. I am a proud furbaby parent of a spoiled chihuahua named Missy Booboo.


PJ Serra

Graphic Designer, Hollywood Big Shot


Her background with CBS has made her a master at graphic design, image manipulation, advertising,

as seen in the videos, avatars, icons, other cool stuff she’s created for Am I Evil?

She’s been a tremendous asset to the team! 





Rich Catino

Writer, Metal Subject Matter Expert, Shit-talker


For the past 18 years, Rich Catino has been a journalist, reviewer, interviewer, and photographer, as director for the Heavy Metal music webzine, Metal Asylum, ( He also a contributor at from Canada alongside known journalists like Martin Popoff and Mark Gromen.

Catino’s artistic resume includes special effects makeup for the independent films Shallow Point, Liars, Black Wine, The Dawn, The Bible Belt Slasher Part 2, and Kids Get Dead Pt.2. Makeup for Union High School productions of Into The Woods, West Side Story, Cats (to which he was nominated for Best Makeup by the Papermill Playhouse), and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To The Forum. Writing and directing an original short horror film What Waits In The Dark, and the short Killer Juicers. Dressing the photo shoot for the goth/metal band The Bronx Casket Co. Building the miniature set as seen on the packaging for the Hellraiser toy line, props and sets for Madison Scare Garden, and designing/operating a local haunted attraction, Fright Nights, in New Jersey.


Derek Mah

Artist, Pencils and Inks, Comics Expert, Canadian Extraordinaire


Derek Mah draws and paints in Calgary, Alberta, Canada which is where he does most of what he does. There are very few things he does away from Calgary. They will not be mentioned here.



Richard P. Clark

Artist Amazing


Born in a crossfire hurricane (actually Cleveland, OH), Richard P. Clark’s illustration career began in 1993 while still an undergraduate at The Columbus College of Art and Design (BFA cum laude, 1994). Since then, he has worked for a variety of clients in the editorial, book, advertising, institutional and comic industries.

Additionally, he has co-authored a non-fiction research book for Facts on File, Inc. entitled Career Opportunities in Visual Arts (with Pamela Fehl). He also served for two years on the Board of Directors at The Society of Illustrators.

He currently resides in Upstate New York (after nearly 10 years in Brooklyn), with his wife, daughter and more wildlife than he cares to think about.



Brian Tatler

King of all Riffs


Brian Tatler is one of the most influential guitarists of all time, and a co-founding member of the legendary band, Diamond Head. He is not active on the graphic novel project, but has given his blessing. He has countless brilliant riffs and songs to his name, including “Am I Evil?”, which he co-wrote with. . . 



Sean Harris

The Voice


One of Heavy Metal’s all-time great voices; Sean Harris is a co-founder of Diamond Head, and the lyricist behind the story and imagery of “Am I Evil?” Like Brian Tatler, he is not actively involved in producing the comic book, but has given his full blessing.