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“My mother was a witch, she was burned alive.”


Whether it’s Metallica’s iconic cover, or Diamond Head’s groundbreaking original, “Am I Evil?” is the perfect Heavy Metal song, a thrilling 8-minute journey into a world of violence, bloodshed, dark magic, beauty, and vengeance. 


“Am I Evil? The Graphic Novel” takes us deep into the story of the song, from the fiery execution of the young anti-hero’s mother, on through his madness, his assassin’s training under The Prince, his connection to the mysterious “sweet and timely whore,” and ultimately, his bloody quest for vengeance. 


Join us in visualizing this storytelling journey that began 40 years ago in Stourbridge, England, then leapt from Lars Ulrich’s garage to the largest stages in the world. 

How does our anti-hero carry out his revenge? Who are the twenty-seven who killed his mother? Was she really a witch? Find the meaning of the “bodies on the ice” and the “sweet and timely whore” in the pages of the “Am I Evil?” Graphic Novel. 


This is the pre-sale page, where your donations (thank you!) will help establish the team, and to build a foundation for the official project Kickstarter, coming March 25, 2020.

A portion of the money raised will go to overhead and production costs (e.g.: this website and domain), but will primarily go to the project artists – – including songwriters, Brian Tatler and Sean Harris.