Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up:


⋅We have the creative and administrative team in place to create a 6 standard-issue graphic novel series of “Am I Evil?,” based on the classic Diamond Head song.

⋅We’re asking for your contributions to help make the “Am I Evil? Graphic Novel” a reality. Click the “Contribute” link anywhere on this site to help bring the project to life.

⋅The purpose of this pre-sale page is to raise initial funds to ensure a successful Kickstarter campaign. The March 2020 “Am I Evil? Graphic Novel” Kickstarter campaign is what will finance and determine the composition of the actual book.


Where is the money going?

100% of donations through this site go back into the project, minus the Stripe transaction fees.

  • -Licensing fees

  • -Website costs
  • -Paying the Artists
  • -Kickstarter seed money
  • -Legal audit
  • -Promotional materials (flyers, cards, etc.)


So what’s in it for you?

Contributors of $15 USD or more will be guaranteed free copies of the first issue. Everyone who contributes to the presale will get a mention on the book’s “Thank You” page.


And what if the Kickstarter campaign doesn’t m- – Hush! No matter what happens with larger crowdfunding campaigns, presale contributors of $20 will at least get art prints signed by someone on the team.


You’ll see more elaborate rewards tiers on the “Am I Evil? Graphic Novel” March 2020 Kickstarter launch. No one will be discouraged from contributing to both this presale and to the official Kickstarter campaign!


Questions? Comments? Contact us at amievilcomic@gmail.com